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 Served with Tamarind apple chutney And Cilantro chutney.

Gluten Free Samosa $5.99

Plantain Fritters $4.99

A popular South Indian snack where sliced plantains are coated in a spiced batter and deep-fried to create a crispy and flavorful treat.

Punjabi Spicy Samosa $3.99

A North Indian snack consisting of crisp pastry filled with a spiced mixture of potatoes and peas, offering a flavorful and satisfying culinary delight.

Baingan Bajis $4.99

Baingan baji is a classic fritter in which thin slices of eggplant are dunked in a spiced flour batter and fried till golden.

Pakora $4.99 

Crispy, deep-fried fritters packed with the savory combination of spinach and onions, offer a delightful and flavorful snack.

Samosa $4.99  

A popular savory pastry filled with a delicious mixture of spiced vegetables, wrapped in a crispy golden crust.

Chicken Samosa $4.99

Minced Chicken white meat, green peas, and mashed potatoes wrapped in a crispy pastry

Appetizer Assortment $7.99

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