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 Served with Tamarind apple chutney And Cilantro chutney.

Vegetarian Appetizer Assortment $7.99

Punjabi Samosa, Pakora, Plantain Fritters, Paneer Kofta, Bajis

Bonda (Banana Donut) $4.99

Bonda is a sweet and fluffy tea-time snack from Kerala, India, made with whole wheat flour, mashed bananas, and cardamom powder.

Punjabi Samosa 2 pc. $3.99

A crisp and flavorful North Indian snack filled with spiced potatoes, peas, chilies, and aromatic spices, offering a savory and satisfying culinary experience.

Pakora $4.99

Crispy, deep-fried fritters packed with the savory combination of spinach and onions, offer a delightful and flavorful snack.

Samosa 2pc. $5.25  

A popular savory pastry filled with a delicious mixture of spiced vegetables, wrapped in a crispy golden crust.

Chicken Samosa 2pc. $5.50

Minced Chicken white meat and potatoes wrapped in a crispy pastry

 Lamb seekh kabab $12.99

Meat assortment $10.99

Chicken samosa,Chicken Spring Roll ,Chicken seekh kabab and Lamb seekh kabab



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