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 Nick Fratelli

I went only a couple of times, and it was for lamb of the line!!! 5 star!!!!!


BEST Indian food I have ever had! Can't get enough! I recommend it to everyone I know and order as often as I can. Love this place! 

Sai T

Really good Indian food!! I’m from India myself and find their food to be authentic and consistent food quality! My favorite is the Lamb Biryani

Josh Aucker

This place is sooooo amazing!!!!!!

Highly recommend

Chicken tikka masala
The Vindaloo
Dal thudka
Vegetables samosas
AND ALL the naan lol

Ashley Brous

We placed an order close to closing and they still prepared the food with love! It tasted amazing and felt like I was eating what they would serve their family. I will definitely be coming back again

Renee Andrussier

Delicious food. Super sweet owner. I love everything including their chai ice cream!

Samuel Chelemer

Absolutely fantastic Indian food, in a convenient spot

Alexis H

The food is 10/10 and reasonably priced!

Edit: still super good. I drive all the way from NJ to get takeout :)

Mathew Kurian

I have been going to Cafe Bombay for 15 years. The food has always been consistently delicious and leaves me wanting more each time. Gigi and his family are always hospitable going above and beyond to ensure top notch service. Highly recommend this place if you want the real deal! 

7 months ago

- Hi, your wonderful feedback and rating mean a lot to us. We hope you continue to choose us! Thank You!

Stuart & Toby

Thank You Gigi and your family for making our delicious 
Malabar Fish curry &    Shrimp Biriyani, gluten free samosas and gluten free naan and salad etc....
We Love it all. 

- Hi, your wonderful feedback and rating mean a lot to us. We hope you continue to choose us! Thank You!


 I have been driving from Philadelphia for close to 10 years to enjoy this top quality, delicious food. It’s the BEST!

- Hi, your wonderful feedback and rating mean a lot to us. We hope you continue to choose us! Thank You!

Amy T.

The food is always delicious and totally worth the wait! If they say an hour, don't show up in 20 minutes. Try the Chicken Xacuti. . . It is amazing! Thank you Cafe Bombay 😊. 

 - Hi, your wonderful feedback and rating mean a lot to us. We hope you continue to choose us! Thank You!



Always good!


We recently ordered the lunch box to go and It was a great offer!!! You get a dish from there choice and you get 1 piece of free naan and the prices are lower than when you buy them separately!!!

a year ago

Best of Bucks... Nomination round is starting.....

May 2021

The food is amazing. Definitely our Friday night go-to.

May 2021

Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Apps, main, and deserts are all delicious. Can’t decide if I like the chai or coconut ice cream more.


May 2021

We are so lucky to have this amazing restaurant right here in Bristol.


May 2021

Every dish I've enjoyed from this place tastes like love.

May 2021

Best samosas in the business. I'd put their food up against any place.

February 2021

I've been getting takeout frequently from Cafe Bombay since the pandemic started. Always a pleasure, wonderful food when I'm craving spice! Their Mulligatawny Soup is the best I've ever had. Pakora is tasty and crunchy. And both their Kerala Vegetable Korma and Vegetable Tikka Masala are my favorite entrees....just ordered the Tikka for tonight! Friends and I have eaten here before the pandemic, when we could eat inside and the place is very nice, clean, and has all the smells of those special spices. We enjoy Cafe Bombay and will continue to do the weekly takeout!

March 2021

Food is awesome! Ordered Chicken Tikka Masala (8 of 10 spicy) and it was very good. Even better to dip the garlic naan in and I was so happy. It's nice to have a genuine Indian restaurant near home to accommodate my curry craving. Everything was polished off in one sitting.

April 2021

We purchased takeout here while visiting family in New Jersey. We went with the Channa Masala and Vegetable Biriyani for entrees with the fried plantains and garlic naan bread as extras. The food exceeded our expectations. The Channa Masala in particular was a big hit. The chickpeas were cooked to perfection while the sauce was rich and delicious. Highly recommend!

April 2021

Chai was very tasty and the veg sampler was very good! Can't wait to taste the lamb!

March 2021

This place provides awesome service and tasty menu. One of the best restaurant in town. The meals served rapidly and the rates are fair. Recommended.

September 2020

At the moment you arrive in that restaurant the waiters give you an excellent feeling. Very friendly stuff, it is a friendly place to to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. very good cooking, specialist chef, comfortable pay and generous service. Highly recommended.


We love this family owned place! Been eating here for over 8 years and it never disappoints. Quality Indian food for dining in or take out!



My husband and I LOVE it here! Super fresh, always delicious, and the service is wonderful!  We won't go anywhere else when we want Indian cuisine.  Delish!



YUMM! Delicious food! We enjoyed everything. LOVED the fresh veggies! Our family tried a little of everything. Appetizers, soup, salads, entrees, naan and the yummy home made Chai ice cream was indulgent! We look forward to a return visit soon! We appreciate the kind and considerate service.






I still can't say enough about Cafe Bombay.

The owners are friendly and always improving.  I really love everything I have had here.

The chicken Tikka masala is wonderful.  Spicy yet nuanced flavors.

The lamb kadai is great. You don't see traditional kadai on many menus so I highly recommend trying it.

They can spice it however you want.  I'm OK with spice and 7 is hot for me.  My wife doesn't like any spice and she enjoys their level 0.  Seriously, she can't stand too much black pepper and she's OK with their level zero.

They also make fresh Chai lattes with authentic spices and they're amazing.

Reviewed January 16, 2019

You MUST TASTE these flavors! Authentic Indian food.


December 2018​

We LOVE getting food from Cafe Bombay and are only disappointed that they aren't open more often! Gigi is an incredible chef. The flavors are unlike anything else nearby. Creamy sauces, incredible naan, fresh ingredients, and all done with the perfect balance of sweet, earthy, and spicy. I love that you can control how spicy the food is by ordering based on spice levels of 1-10. We typically order take-out, although the dining room is a quiet enjoyable atmosphere with Indian decor and moody charm. One order of food is usually plenty for dinner and lunch the next day! Makes great leftovers. 
I recommend the Chicken Xacutti and Bombay Naan!




February 16, 2019


Always A Great Meal

Once again we have had a wonderful meal at Cafe Bombay. We had fish malabar, fish curry, and vegetable biryrani. Their special Bombay Nan and Garlic Nan are delicious. For dessert we shared the homemade spicy chocolate ice cream on a delicious homemade cookie! It was amazing!! Just a hit of spice.


Really wonderful eating experience. Food was delicious and the staff was gracious and warm.

If i lived closer, i'd eat at Cafe Bombay every day!

Oh, one more thing. If your waited suggests a desert special, GET IT! You will not be sorry!



I’ve been coming to eat at cafe Bombay for well over 10 years. The food is delicious and the owners are very nice. Expect to stay doe at least an hour an a half depending on how many people are eating that night. Overall all great experience


Brenda mondeau

Yes! Yes! YES! The best Indian Cuisine we've enjoyed TO DATE!!! Immediate Seating, elegant décor, lightly ambient music, attentive & engaged personal service. We had the Curry Shrimp & Crab Goa. Spicy level #5. Amazing flavor and the compliment of strawberry cucumber side salad was the perfect balance. We will be back soon, for another taste adventure! Highly Recommend.





My first taste at Indian cuisine was overwhelming delicious at Cafe Bombay! Loved their garlic naan bread and my entree was the Kerala chicken korma. I will be back!


Tonight was my first visit, it was purely  by accident, I was strolling and shopping, and there it was....decor has a very upscale look..
My Vegetable Curry was outstanding, on a scale of 1-10, I requested a 7 for spiciness, and it was perfect.  It was served with a small salad on the plate, which was a very nice touch. I had Mango ice cream for dessert,  it is made on the premise and was very flavorful...I will definatelly return and this time it will be on purpose



My husband and I love Cafe Bombay, we have dined in twice but mainly get takeout. The Rogan Josh & Chicken Tiki Masala, Samoas, and garlic Naan are our favorites. We don't mind the different hours that this restaurant maintains, as we understand it is a family business. Keep up the great work!



I love Cafe Bombay! Even though they are only open Thur-Sat for a few hours, it is worth it.  I typically order take-out.  The food is made to order to spice-level and it is so yummy.  The samosa are great with the homemade chutney and I always get the kerala chicken korma gradually upping the spice level.  If you don't mind the weird hours, try it out, It's worth it.


Yes! Yes! YES!  The best Indian Cuisine we've enjoyed TO DATE!!! Immediate Seating, elegant décor, lightly ambient music, attentive & engaged personal service. We had the Curry Shrimp & Crab Goa. Spicy level #5. Amazing flavor and the compliment of strawberry cucumber side salad was the perfect balance. We will be back soon, for another taste adventure! Highly Recommend.

Mike B

Cafe Bombay is the Bomb!

Forget all those Americanized Indian restaurants in Bucks County. This one is the real deal. We just returned from Kerala so speak with some authority. Seasoning is freshly sourced and you immediately taste the difference. No congealed, thick milky sauces here. Each dish is uniquely seasoned to fit the food. For example the Tilapia has a perfect crust of spice and flavor but meaty and tender inside. The lamb Kerala style has tender bite sized pieces of lamb in a tangy, tomato onion based sauce. The owner and his wife are friendly and helpful in terms of setting the right hotness level for you. We are definitely going back and encourage anyone who reads this review to try Cafe Bombay.

This is Kristi Emery, Private Chef and Culinary Instructor. I had an absolutely magical evening at Cafe
Bombay. The food is incredibly delicious, the service warm and friendly. Please check them out.

Tina D.


This gem of an eatery was a delightful find.  I went for dinner on New Year's Eve as a bit of a last minute plan.  We took a bottle of wine with us (Sauvignon Blanc) to complement our meals.  The owner was completely attentive, checking in with us throughout the meal and very willing to answer our questions.
I started with the Bombay Naan (Naan stuff with mixed dry nuts, raisins, and coconut) as an appetizer.  It was steaming hot and deliciously sweet.  I think a meal could be made of just the naan!  My entree was Shrimp Kadai, done with a spice level of 7 on a scale of 1-10.  It was delicious and the serving size was ample.  The next time I will likely go for a spice level of 8 for a little more heat.  The portions were generous to the point where dessert was not a consideration - and I love an indulgent treat.
I will definitely revisit the small, quaint eatery.  The menu offers plenty of choices at reasonable prices, including many vegetarian options.  The decor is lovely, contributing to a lovely dining experience.  Overall, I cannot offer a single negative and encourage others to patronize this local business.



We recently tried this place and it was AMAZING! We had a table of four and every single one of us tried something different and none were disappointed. The sauces were complexed and meats/fish cooked perfectly. They really care about their food here and making sure you're happy. The owner and his family are charming and welcoming. He'll make great suggestions if you're not sure what you want or if you're not familiar with Indian cuisine.  The home made Chai ice cream is to die for. I wish they sold it in stores!



Maureen S.Bristol, PA  1/19/2018

My husband and I, his son and girlfriend ate here last night. The service was superb from the greeting through the meal until the end. The food was delicious. We had assorted apps and all four had different entrees. You can choose the amount of heat as you order from 1 to 10. 
This was the first time my husband and I ate Indian cuisine. His son and girlfriend had eaten Indian before, and they said it was one of the best they had. We will all go back. 
If you go don't miss the chai ice cream.

BYOB - Cozy Atmosphere - Delicious Food - Family Owned

My boyfriend and I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for awhile and we regret not doing it sooner. The restaurant itself was charming along with the ambient music. Our food was savory and it was awesome to customize your spice level. The owner was talking to us and he was so welcoming. The overall experience was fantastic!! Definitely will be returning! Don't forget your bottle of wine!

The shrimp curry was delicious and the tandoori chicken tikka was also excellent it's a good family ran restaurant

GG was great as our server. All the food we had was fantastic. Salads, appietizers (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and all the breads were delicious. I had the lamb curry but our party tried lots of other dishes and everyone was satisfied. Don’t forget to try the ice cream for dessert!!


Incredible dining experience. Had heard many great things about Cafe Bombay but this was the first time we have tried it and were not disappointed. A great meal followed by a tremendous desert. Owner was very helpful guiding us thru the menu. Well worth the drive.


this place doesn't look like much, but the food is absolutely fantastic. the service isn't always great; small family owned place so sometimes one server is waiting on multiple tables, which increases wait time... but the genuine pleasant demeanor of everyone there helps to make up for it. you're going to be eating and drinking really well so you might not notice it.



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