Dates'N'Coconuts Naan 1 pcs.....$3.99

Bombay Naan.webp

Bread Basket......$9.99

Naan stuffed with dates and coconuts

Bread bastket.webp

Garlic Naan ,Naan ,Chapathi, Kulcha, Poori

Chapathi 2 pcs.....$3.99


A thin, flat unleavened whole-wheat bread, baked in a hot, dry skillet

Bombay Naan 1 pcs....$3.99

Bombay Naan.webp

Gluten Free Cauliflower Naan 1 pcs.......$4.99

Naan stuff with mixed dry nuts, raisins, and coconut

Glutenfree-Cauliflower naan.jpg

Poori 2pcs.....$3.99

Puri is a deep-fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour

Kerala Paratha 3 pcs.....$4.50

Kerala Paratta.webp

Paorotta is a layered flat bread of Southern India

Butter Naan 2 pcs..webp
Garlic Naan.webp

Butter Naan 2pcs.....$3.99

Tandoori white bread

Garlic Naan 2pcs.....$3.99

Whole white naan cooked with garlic and cilantro