Gluten-Free Cauliflower Bread 2pc.

Chapathi 2pc.  

A thin, flat unleavened whole-wheat bread, baked in a hot, dry skillet

Bombay Naan  

Naan stuff with mixed dry nuts, raisins, and coconut

Spicy Aloo Paratha 4pc.

Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes


Poori (or puri) is the famous Indian deep-fried, puffy bread made with whole wheat flour.

Lachha Paratha $3.50

Lachha Paratha is crispy flaky layered whole wheat flatbreads

Bread $3.99

Kerala Parotta $3.50

 Porotta is a  layered Indian flatbread, alternatively known as a flaky ribbon pancake.

Butter Naan 2pc. 

Tandoori white bread

Garlic Naan 2pc  $4.50

Whole white naan cooked with garlic and cilantro.

Romoli Roti 2pc. 

A soft and thin bread

Bread Basket  $9.99

Garlic Naan, Naan, Kulcha, Whole wheat naan, Poori

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Butter Naan
Roomali roti_edited.jpg