Lamb Tikka Masala.....$17.99

Lamb Tikka Masala.webp

Lamb cubes cooked in a mild flavorful tomato based sauce

Kerala Lamb Curry......$17.99

Kerla Lamb Curry.webp

Lamb cubes cooked in traditional curry sauce

Lamb Saag.....$17.99

Lamb Saag.webp

Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with spinach and flavored with green spices

Rogan Josh.....$17.99

Rogan Josh.webp

Pieces of lamb marinated in yogurt with herbs. Spiced, thencooked in it's own special gravy. A north Indian favorite

Kerala Lamb Korma....$17.99

Kerala Lamb Korma.webp

Succulent cubes of lamb cooked with onions, ginger, garlic,and coconut milk.