Large Bowl (24oz)$16.99
Small Bowl (16oz)$14.99 upon request)

Grilled Fish Masala (Pompano)....$17.99


The soft juicy tangy  Grilled Pompano is everyone’s favorite

Shrimp Saag

Shrimp Saag.webp

Shrimp Saag is a classic Indian dish of cooked spinach and shrimp

Grill Tilapia.... $15.99

Grill Tilapia 2 Filet.webp

Mystic preparation for fish lovers-Kerala style.

Shrimp Tikka Masala

Shrimp Tikka Masala.webp

Shrimp cooked with peppers and onion in a tomato based sauce 

Kerala Shrimp Curry

Kerala Shrimp Curry.webp

A toothsome shrimp curry made with a spicy coconut sauce,
straight from the land of coconuts and seafood, Kerala

Shrimp Shajahani

Malabar Fish Curry

Malabar Fish Curry.webp

An all time favorite medium spiced fish curry from the coast of Kerala.The spice makes it spicy and heavenly.

Shrimp Shajahani.webp

Shajahani is a Mughlai delicacy. This rich, mild curry is cooked in coconut sauce and aromatic spices

Crab Goa

Crab Goa.webp

Crab meats cooked to perfection from old recipe. A favorite dish from the coasts of Goa.